Omar's Sound Files

Notice:  All the MIDI and MP3's below are believed to be in the public domain.  Each of the sound files below were collected from various

webs sites that stated the  files were of the public domain and available for download.  If any of the soiund files below are not believed to

be in the in the public domain please provide us with the proper paperwork and we will remove said files immediately.


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Name File Format Description
Axworthy Ghost                 .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Coffin .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Dot Room .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Electric Chair .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Electric Chair - 2009 .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Elevator to Hell - 2009 .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Flying Crank Ghost .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Foggy Hollow 2 - 2009 .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Ghostbusters .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Graveyard - 2009 .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Guillotine .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Kicking Legs .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Leaping Loafer .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Madam Zamora .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Monster Mash .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Outhouse .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Scarecrow .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Skeleton Bicycle                       .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Spider .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Witch .MP3 Omar's Haunted Trail Soundtrack
Other Sound Clips          
File Format   
3 Ghosts MP3 3 Ghosts moaning
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aaaaagh MP3 Man yelling in agony
Aaaahc .wav Man yelling -  short
Abanpit .wav Eerie piano music with birds in background
Abyss2 .Midi Theme music
Addams Family .Midi Theme song from show
Addams Family MP3 Addams Family theme on a harpsicord
Addams Family Theme .wav Theme song from TV show
Aforever .Midi Guitar theme music
Afraid .wav Vincent Price asking “Afraid, my dear.  There’s nothing to be afraid of”
Airnuke .wav Air Raid Siren, then bomb exploding
Air force 1 .Midi Upbeat background music
AirRaid .wav Air Raid Siren
AK47 .wav AK47 firing
Albinoni Adagio .Midi Organ/Violin music
Alien .Midi Music from movie
Aliens Boinking MP3 Weird sounds
Alien Chittering FX MP3 Alien making chittering noises
Alien Specimens MP3 Eerie sounds
Alive .wav It’s Alive” from Young Frankenstein
Alone Bad .wav Frankenstein saying “alone..Bad..friend..good
Amityville Horror MP3 Theme music from movie
Anastasia .Midi Background music
Aneurysm .Midi Theme music
Aoogah .wav Old time car horn - aooogahhhh
Arguing Witches MP3 Witches arguing about all the children around
Astral Mountain MP3 Strange sounds for background
Auralite .Midi Theme music
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Bach 1031 .Midi Eerie Organ music
Bach 1031 MP3 Eerie organ music
Bach 1031 .wav Eerie Organ music
Bach 1031 Shortened MP3 Eerie organ music
Bach 1031 in a dungeon MP3 Bach 1031 with background sound effects
Background MP3 Spooky background sounds
Background-Mixdown MP3 Spooky background sounds
Bad Boys .wav Bad Boys Theme song
Bad Moon Rising .Midi Music from the song
Bald Mountain .Midi Music from movie
Banging MP3 Banging at a large door, with echo
Banging .wav Banging at a large door, with echo
Barddance .Midi Background music
Baroque Organ MP3 Organ music
Barred Owl MP3 Barred Owl sounds up close
Barred Owl 2 MP3 Bard Owl hooting
Bat R .wav Bat squeeking and then flying away
Bats MP3 Bats squeeking in the distance
Bats .wav Bats squeeking in the distance
Batwings .Midi Music from movie
BBQ Grill Fire-1 MP3 BBQ grill fire with drippings flaring up
BBQ Grill Fire-2 MP3 BBQ grill fire with drippings flaring up
Bear Growl 1 MP3 Large bear growl
Bear Growl 2 MP3 Large bear growling up close
Bee MP3 Bee Buzzing
Beetlejuice .Midi Theme song from movie Beetlejuice
Bella .wav Bela Lugosi saying “Children of the night”
Bela Lugosi Dracula .wav Bela Lugosi saying “I am Dracula”
Belch .wav Single large belch
Bell 01 .wav Tolling of a single bell
Bell 02 .wav Single toll from a medium size bell up close
Bells, Dark .Midi Background music
Bell Toll – 12 Strikes .wav 12 strikes of a large bell
Benidictus .Midi Eerie music
Beyond .Midi Background harp muisc
Bing .wav Sounds of item bouncing around
Birds .wav Hundreds of birds making noise
Black .wav Man asking “Is your heart black, full of hate?”
Black Hole Theme .Midi Music from movie
Blackbeard MP3 Man telling the story of Blackbeard the Pirate
Blackened Soul .Midi Theme Music
Black Sabbath MP3 Synthesized from Black Sabbath song
Blade Run .Midi Theme Music
Blair Witch MP3 Knocking and banging sounds w/echo
Blood .Midi Theme Music
Blood Drip .wav Sound of blood dripping slowly
Blood of Men .Midi Music from the movie
Blood Omen .Midi Theme Music
Blood Scream MP3 Single male scream
Blood Whispers MP3 Night sounds with whispering voices
Bloody Mary MP3 Man telling the story of Bloody Mary
Boo Hoo .wav Man telling the story of whoville, and Boo Hoo
Boo Laugh .wav Man yelling “Boo” and then an evil laugh
Boogie Cackle .wav Man saying “Boogie Man” and then a cackel
Boom .wav Sound of a large boom in the distance
Boom 2 .wav Sound of a large boom in the distance
Boom-3 .wav Sound of a bomb exploding
Boring .wav Man claiming this is “Boring”
Born Night Lurk MP3 Chimes and background music
Bottle of Rum MP3 Men singing “15 bottles of rum” song
Breath .wav Man taking two heavy breaths
Breath MP3 Man taking several heavy breaths
Breather MP3 Spooky breaths w/echo
Bride MP3 Spooky organ version of wedding march
Bscream MP3 Several females screaming
Bubbles .wav Bubbling liquid sounds
Bubbling .wav Bubbling liquid sounds
Bubbling (Laboratory Sounds) .wav Bubbling sounds from a laboratory
Bubbling Cauldren 1 .wav Bubbling sounds
Bubbling Cauldren 2 .wav More bubbling sounds
Butcher .Midi Background music of chimes
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Cackle MP3 Witch cackling
Cackle 2 MP3 A Single Witch cackling
Cackling MP3 High pitch witch cackling
Calling .Midi Background music
Came Back .wav Vincent Price saying “I’m glad you came back”
Camera MP3 Sound of camera winding
Campfire .wav Fire burning sounds
Candyman .Midi Theme song from candyman-music only
Car Crash .wav Screeching tires, then a crash
Casper .Midi Music from movie
Cat 01 .wav Cat in distress
Cat 02 .wav Cat crying
Cat 03 .wav Cat crying with a deeper voice
Cat 04 .wav Vincent Price talking to a cat
Cat Screeching 01 .wav Single cat screech
Cat Screeching 02 .wav Single Cat screech with echo
Cat Screeching 03 .wav Single Cat Screech
Cat Screeching & Wolf .wav Cat screeching with wolf howling in background
Cat Shock .wav Cat being shocked, then singing “Hallaluya”
Catherine .Midi Eerie piano music
Cauldron Bubbling .wav Sounds of liquid bubbling as if boiling.
Cave Sounds MP3 Dripping water, wind, and eerie noises
CavernFx MP3 Spooky sounds from down in a cavern
Cemetery .Midi Solemn funeral music
Chain Rattling .wav Chain rattling
Chain Rattling w/Ghost .wav Sound of a ghost in chains moaning and walking
Chains MP3 Sounds of lighter weight chains rattling
Chains w/monster grunts .wav Monster walking, grunting and chained
Chains w/ghostly moans .wav Ghost moaning and chains rattling sounds
Chains & Thunder MP3 Chains rattling, with thunder in background
Chainsaw MP3 Sound of a chainsaw starting and roaring
Chainsaw R .wav Chainsaw revving up and man with evil laugh
Chamber .Midi Good background music-piano & guitar
Chapel .wav Bell toll, thunder rumbles, man laughing
Check under the bed .wav Female saying “This Halloween, don’t to forget to check under the bed”
Children .Midi Peppy tune for background
Children by the Grave .Midi Black Sabbath version
Chill Wind .wav Spooky wind sounds
Cindy Lou .wav Vincent Price talking about little Cindy Lou
Clas3 .Midi Harpsichord background music
Clinking .wav Single clinking of a chain
Clive Manor Fleeing MP3 Eerie organ music
Clock Strikes 12 .wav Medium size clock striking 12
Clock Strikes 12-2 .wav Grandfather clock striking 12
Clock Toll .wav Toll of clock before striking hour
Come Close .wav Vincent Price saying “ come closer please”
Come for You MP3 Monster saying “ I have come for you”
Congo .Midi Background music with native drums
Contrived .Midi Dark organ music with upbeat tempo
Corpse .wav Vincent Price explaining how he cut up a corpse
Corpse Moan MP3 Corpse moaning
Cough .wav Man coughing
Count Dracula MP3 Eerie organ music
Coyote .wav Coyote howling in the distance
Crazy Room MP3 Spooky haunting sounds
Creak door MP3 Creaky door opening or closing
Creaking Door Closing MP3 Creaky door closing
Creaking Door Opening MP3 Creaky door opening
Creaks .wav Sound of a high pitched creaky door
Creaky Door R .wav Sound of creaky door
Creep .Midi Creepy music
Creeper .Midi Creepy music
Creepy 1 .wav Creepy background music
Creepy Titles Main .Midi Song from creepy movie
Crow .wav Single crow caw
Crow-2 .Midi Background music
Crow Caw .wav Single crow caw
Crying MP3 Sound of a ghostly man crying w/echo
Crying .wav Sound of a ghostly man crying w/echo
Cryptic .Midi Background music
Cymbal Suspense MP3 Cymbal clasp
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Danse Macabre .Midi Song
Dark45 .Midi Background music
Dark Bride .Midi Eerie organ and bells
Dark Flame .Midi Eerie organ background music
Dark Matter Crystals MP3 Alien sounds
Dark Morn .wav Man saying :It’s a dark morn from night…”
Dark Shadows-1 .Midi Theme music from TV show
Dark Shadows-2 MP3 Theme music from TV Show
Dark Shadows-3 .Midi Eerie music from Dark Shadows
Darkligh .Midi Eerie background sounds
Darth Vader-1 .Midi Organ music of Darth Vader Theme Song
Darth Vader-2 MP3 Organ music of Darth Vader Theme Song
Dead .Midi Eerie chime and organ background music
Dead Tree .Midi Suspenseful music
Deadspeak .wav Man saying “This is…where the dead speak”
Deep Red-1 .Midi Background music of chimes
Deep Red-2 MP3 Background music of chimes
Demon 2008 MP3 Demon advising “Enter at your own risk”
Demons .Midi Very dark background music
Demon Tears .Midi Song from movie
Demony .Midi Dark and eerie background music
Descent .Midi Background music
Destroy .wav Man yelling “I will destroy you”
Devoured .wav News reporter saying “victims have been devoured.”
Dfearreaper .Midi More Upbeat background music
Diary Madman MP3 Lively background music
Didn’t MP3 Man saying “Didn’t the other kids tell you not to come here?”
Dinner .wav Man saying “I ate his liver with some nice Chiante.”
Dino .wav Dinosaur growling
Dismal .Midi Background Music
Disney’s Haunted House .wav Sounds from the Disney Haunted House
Disney-Madame Leota MP3 Madame Leota chanting spells
Divehorn .wav Submarine Dive Horn Blowing
Do the Growl .wav Song about werewolves in cemetery
Dog 01 .wav Medium size dog barking
Dog Bark .wav Single bark from a small dog
Dog Barks, Growls .wav Larger dog growling and barking
Doll Room .Midi Background music –Harp music
Doom .Midi Theme song from Doom
Doom and Gloom .Midi Background Music – solemn organ music
Doorbell .Midi Background organ music
Door Creak 01 .wav Door creaking open
Door Creak 02 .wav Door creaking
Door Creak 03 MP3 High Pitched Door Creak (Same as 02)
Door Creak 04 .wav Door creaking
Door Creak 05 .wav Door Creaking
Door Creak 06 .wav Door Creaking
Door Creek 07 .wav Door creaking – may be duplicate
Door Creak 08 .wav Door creaking
Door Creak and Scream .wav Door Creaking, then a lady screams
Door Creak & Cat howls .wav Door creaks open, cat howls, then deep evil laugh
Door creak, scream, witch .wav Door creaks open, lady screams, witchly laugh
Door creaking with slam .wav Door creaks open, then slams shut
Double Double .wav Dialog of Double, Double, Toil & Trouble
Dracula .Midi Music from movie
Dracula Laugh .wav Dracula’s evil laugh
Dracula Welcome-1 MP3 Dracula welcoming to his resting place
Dracula Welcome-2 .wav Bela Lugosi – “Welcome to my home”
Draculas .Midi Lighter background music
Dragon .wav Deep growl
Drip .wav Single drip of water
Dr. Phibes .wav Man saying “I alone, remain to bring delivery of your pain”
Drunk .wav Man saying “Drunk again, huh?”
Dun .Midi Background music
        E                          Back to top    
Earthquake .wav Man saying “with an earthquake”
Edward Scissorhands .Midi Music from movie
Eerie Choir .wav Eerie choir sounds like wind blowing
Eerie Flute MP3 Eerie Flute music
Eerie Music MP3 Eerie Flute and bells music
Effnmess .wav Man saying “it’s a fine mess you’ve made of things again”
Ehh MP3 Low pitched growl
Electric Arc .wav Sound of an electric arc
Electric Zap MP3 Electric Zap
Electricity MP3 Pulsing electric arcs
Elvira MP3 Midi sounding country song music
Embryo .Midi Background music
Enter Hall .Midi Mellow background music
Entity .Midi Background music
Entrance-1 MP3 Man says “Welcome, been expecting you”
Entrance-2 .wav Door creaks, then screams abound
Enyaboadicea .Midi Solemn background music
Ereich .Midi Eerie background music with chimes
Escape from New York .Midi Music from movie
Esorcista .Midi Theme Music from the Exorcist Movie
Espark MP3 Sparking sounds
Etiquette .wav Vincent Price discussing etiquette
Eulogy .Midi Solemn background music from a funeral
Evil .wav Man moaning and wind blowing
Evil Bride MP3 Evil sounding wedding march
Evil Cat 01 .wav Two cats howling
Evil Choir .Midi Background music with choir moaning
Evil Lust .Midi Music from movie
Exorcist .Midi Theme music from movie
       F                             Back to top    
Fangs .Midi Music from movie
Fly .wav From the movie, fly saying “Help me”
Footsteps .wav Two footsteps
Frankenstein .wav Monster growling
Frog 01 .wav Frog Croaking
Fugue Minor .Midi Organ music
Funeral March .Midi Music from old time funeral march
       G                             Back to top    
Ganstas .Midi Music from movie
Get Out .wav Ghostly voice saying “Get Out”
Goblin Horde .Midi Steppy light tune
Godzilla Footsteps MP3 Large footsteps in the distance
Graveyard Greetings .wav Female saying “Greetings from the graveyard”
Grim Ghost .Midi Solemn music
Growl .MP3 Single growl from a large animal
       H                             Back to top    
Ha Ha-Deep .wav Short clip of man with deep voice-HaHa
Haunt .Midi Organ music
Hitchcock .Midi Theme music from series
Hitchcock-Deadly .wav Hitchcock says “Welcome…’s deadly”
Hitchcock Theme .wav Theme song from TV Show
Hotel California .Midi Background music
       I                             Back to top    
In the Hall of the Mountain King    .Midi Organ music
It’s Halloween .Midi Organ music
       L                             Back to top    
Laugh-Demonic-1 .wav Demon with evil laugh
Laugh-Demonic-2 MP3 Demon with evil laugh
Laugh, Evil 09 .wav Man with deep voice with evil laugh
Laugh, evil 10 - Devil MP3 Man with an evil type of laugh
Laugh, Evil Monster MP3 Evil male laugh from as from a monster
       M                             Back to top    
Midnight Express .Midi Music from the movie
Monster 3 MP3 Monster growling
Monster 4 MP3 Monster growling
Monster Growling MP3 Monster growling
Monster Breathing MP3 Large Monster breathing close by
Mountain King .Midi Theme music
Munsters .Midi Music from the movie
Mystery .Midi Harpsichord music
       O                             Back to top    
Outer Limits .Midi Music from the series
       P                             Back to top    
Peanuts Theme .Midi Music from the TV shows
Phantom .Midi Organ music from new movie
Phantom of the Opera .Midi Organ music from old movie
Possessed .Midi Organ music
Psycho .Midi Music from movie
Pumpkin Patch MP3 “What you doing in my Pumpkin Patch”
       R                             Back to top    
Raven .wav Raven cawing in the distance
Raven-C .wav Vincent Price reciting “The Raven”
Ripping Flesh MP3 Sounds of something eating
       S                             Back to top    
Scaremare .Midi Suspenseful music
Scary Laboratory .wav Sounds from a scary lab
Scraping .wav Scraping sounds
Scream, Female 1 MP3 Eerie female scream
Scream, Female 2 MP3 Several females screaming at the same time
Scream, Female 3 MP3 Several females screaming with echo
Scream, Female 4 .wav Female screaming - shrill
Scream, Female 5 MP3 Female screaming – lower pitch
Scream, Female 6 MP3 Several Females screaming
Scream-Female 7 MP3 Female screaming-shrill
Scream-Female 8 MP3 Female scream - short
Scream-Female 9 MP3 Female scream - Short
Scream-Female 10 MP3 Female scream, echo
Scream-Male 1 MP3 Male screaming
Scream-Male 2 MP3 Male screaming 
Scream-Male 3 .wav Single Man screaming
Scream-Male 4 .wav Single Man Screaming as if falling
Scream then choked .wav Male screaming, then choked
Screaming-Man falling MP3 Man screaming as if falling
Snake, Diamondback MP3 Rattlesnake rattle shaking, ready to strike
Spawn .Midi Suspenseful music
Spooks on Parade .Midi Suspenseful music
Spooky Bells .Midi Background bell music
Stay Dead .wav Vincent Price asking “what happens after death when some chooses to stay un-dead
      T                             Back to top    
Tacotta Fuge .Midi Organ Music
Tales of the Crypt .Midi Theme song from Tales of the Crypt.  Music only
Terrified Woman MP3 Woman repeatedly screaming as if terrified
That Thing .wav Vincent Price asking “What in the name of all that’s holy is that thing?
The Eye .wav Vincent Price reciting scene from the movie “The Eye”
They’re Wax .wav Vincent Price saying “They’re wax, but they live and breathe”
This is Halloween .Midi Suspenseful music
Thriller .Midi Background music from Michael Jackson’s song
Thumping .wav Thumping sounds
Thunder Clap .wav Clap of thunder
Thunder Clap 01 .wav Loud clap of thunder
Thunder Claps .wav Multiple claps of thunder
Thunder in Space MP3 Thunder sequence
Thunderstorm MP3 Clip of a thunderstorm
Thunderstorm 01 .wav Thunder Storm with echo
Thunderstorm 02 .wav Thunder Storm with loud claps of thunder
Thunderstorm 03 .wav Thunder Storm in the distance
Thunderstorm 04 .wav Thunder Storm sounds
Thunderstorm 05 .wav Thunder Storm with wind and rain
Too Late .wav Aliens saying, “It’s too late, we’re in control now”
Torture Chamber .wav Screams from a torture chamber being used
Twilight Zone .Midi Music from the new Twilight Zone series
2000 Light Years Away .Midi Theme music
       U                             Back to top    
Understand Me .wav Vincent Price saying “it is quite obvious you don’t understand me and you never will”
       V                             Back to top    
V.Price .wav Vincent Price telling a poem of a man in a cave
       W                             Back to top    
Walk through the woods MP3 Crickets, owls, wolves in the distance
Watching .Midi Theme song from “Watching”
Weird Noise 1 .wav Eerie sounds from night a in the jungle
Weird Noise 2 .wav Eerie grunting noises
Weird Noise 3 .wav Eerie sounds of a monster eating
Welder .wav Arching sounds from a welder
Who’s Next .wav Vincent Price asking “who’s next”
Wild Thunderstorm MP3 Sounds from a thunderstorm-no talking
Wind 1 .wav Wind howling
Wind 2 .wav Wind gusting
Wind 3 .wav Wind Blowing
Wind & Rain .wav Wind blowing, owls calling, rain
Wolf Howling 1 .wav Wolf howling
Wolf Howling 2 .wav Wolf howling with Crickets
Wolf Howling 3 .wav Wolf howling
Wolf Howling 4 .wav Wolf howling with echo
Wolf Howling 5 .wav Wolf howling
Wolf Howling 6 .wav Wolf howling in the distance
Wolves Howling 1 .wav Wolves howling
Wolves Howling 2 .wav Wolves howling
Wolves Howling .wav Wolves howling in foreground and background
Woman being attacked MP3 Woman screaming as if being attacked
Worms .Midi Suspenseful music